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Profile of VARRAT

Voluntary Association for Rural Reconstruction & Appropriate Technology (VARRAT) a non-government, non-profit Development Organization is dedicated to the welfare of the poor and marginalized. Child being the parent of future of the world order needs utmost attention, care and consideration. VARRAT has been adopting various need based and entitlement/right based intervention programs to address socio-economic and privilege/entitlement based issues of the children through coordinated efforts and child centred approach. This area in addition to the basic concept of the organization i.e. 3C’s-Community Institutions, Community Participation and Community Empowerment has been the faces of VARRAT till date. VARRAT attempts to collect and combine efforts by emphasizing on partnership building with different stakeholders. Efforts are aimed at inducing confidence among the community members through collaborative and conjoined efforts. VARRAT is engaged in a wide range of activities spanning from gender rights to social justice and livelihood promotion. The concerted efforts are aimed at achieving sustainable development of the rural poor by advocating participation approach in implementation and democratic monitoring procedure. Since its inception, VARRAT has been perusing the principle of involving the common people particularly the weaker section in all developmental initiatives by providing them information on thematic issues like health, education, environment, livelihood etc. in other word VARRAT aims at passing the rein of developmental efforts to the mass by which subsequently they can manage their own affairs. Thus, our wide encompassing social equity has helped us to win many friends, philosophers and guides during the course of the journey. The major areas of concern lies with the promotion of livelihood through Agriculture and Agri-allied activities along with the developmental perceptive towards the marginalised and vulnerable sections of the people.
VARRAT has a greater collaboration with Government Agencies in the districts of its operation and at the State and National Level. The involvement of Government Official in most of its programs has helped to improve the quality of the intervention. VARRAT role is always to supplement the initiatives run by Government and create additional opportunities for the communities. VARRAT also is partnering with Government and leveraging resources Health Department (NHM), OSACS, NABARD, District Education Department, District ICDS, District Child Protection Unit etc.