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Youth club

January 01, 2017

YOUTH CLUB, They Will Win

Five Star Youth Club in Bagagahan village of Mahakalpada village was in defunct state even it was formed since 1988. Except some cultural events every year – the members of club did not have any chance to gather any time during a year. However, they came across the field staff of VARRAT in that locality – they became active, participated in development activities of locality, supported village level committee for planning and regularly arranged cultural programmes and rally etc. to support development based campaigns in their locality. 

Meanwhile, that club has been facilitated to be registered under Society Registration Act 1860. Of course it is notable that – the club members are now active members of their community and are now particular enough to maintain documents of their club. They are in touch with field staff of VARRAT and are participating in different trainings and orientations organized by it. With its constant touch with this youth group – the organization believes one day – “They Will Win” since the docile members of this club has become quite proactive and participating in all sorts of development efforts and knowledge transformation process (campaigns, rally etc.) at their level. With their effort and initiative this year they have organised the sports competition for their village and neighboring 6 other villages where in 107 children and youths participated. Even this year they have revived their age old Puja of Maa Sitala which was stopped for last 10 years.